Re: Process speaker not running?

Well, I started out looking at, and working on the TCL version but then
the C version came along and it looked a bit easier to me.  See, I know
nothing about tcl and I've done various projects in c over the years so I
felt more comfortable doing it in c.  What ultimately made things easier
for me was Jim Vanzandt's DoubleTalk driver; The DoubleTalk's command set
looks more similar to that of the Speakout than does the Dectalk.  I have
an idea that that has a great deal to do with it and why I am so much
closer to having a functioning driver for the Seakout now.

On Tue, 15 Apr 1997, T. V. Raman wrote:

> Hi Steve--
> Glad to know you're making progress.
> I've mailed the hints and some more useful stuff this morning to the emacspeak
> list (which thanks to Greg is archived)
> so I will avoid adding those things to the docs.
> Also, in my opinion developing new drivers in tcl should be several orders of
> magnitude easier than doing it in C, did you consider simply cloning the
> dtk-exp script for your synthesizer?
> I have nothing against you writing it in C; this is just a suggestion in terms
> of getting there faster.
> --Raman
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