Re: Documentation for emacspeak 6

I am puzzled.  raman@adobe.com writes:

     Also, the reason why it is important to learn to use describe
     function  is that that is how you learn all of emacs, ...

That is not how most people I know learned Emacs.  Others taught them
or they read the manual.  I mostly read the manual.

Compared to my use of `describe function', the manual was much more
important.  Indeed, the manual and `describe function' have different
purposes.  The manual tells you how to use the application; describe
function tells you about a particular function after you already know
about it, but have forgot the details.

    The introduction is useful --what I question is the automatic
    fragments pulled from modules like emacspeak-calendar.el and

The Emacspeak manual should be read in conjuction with the Emacs
manual, in much the same way the Calender manual was read as a
standalone manual before the main material on the Calender was
incorporated into the Emacs manual as a chapter.

That is the way this manual should go.  We should expect eventually to
see it integrated with the Emacs manual.  Emacs has a text-only screen
display, a graphics screen display, and a voice display.  The Emacs
manual should describe all three.


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