InterActive Accessibility Enables Complete Audio Desktop

For Immediate Release:

InterActive Accessibility (IAA) enables complete audio desktop

This is to announce Emacspeak-97++ (The Internet PlusPack). Based
on unique InterActive Accessibility technology, Emacspeak-97++
provides a powerful Internet ready audio desktop that completely
integrates Internet technologies including Web surfing and
messaging into all aspects of the electronic desktop.

This is a major upgrade to the speech output extension to
Emacs. Emacspeak 95 (code named Illinois) was released on the
Internet in May 1995 as the first complete speech interface to
UNIX workstations. The subsequent release, Emacspeak-96 (code
named Egypt) made available in May 1996 provided significant
enhancements to the interface. Emacspeak-97 (Tennessee) goes
further in providing a true audio desktop.

Major Enhancements in this release include:

    1) Support for WWW ACSS (Aural Cascading Style Sheets)
    2) Audio formatted output for rich text
    3) Enhanced support for browsing tables
    4) Support for speaking commonly used ISO Latin characters
    5) Speech support for the  Emacs widget libraries
    6) Support for SGML mode
    7)Emacspeak now has an automatically generated users manual
    thanks to Jim Van Zandt.

... and a lot more ...

Obtaining Emacspeak:

Emacspeak can be downloaded from:


Based at Cornell (NY), http://cs.cornell.edu/home/raman is home
to some of the most innovative audio applications on the WWW,
including AsTeR (Audio System For Technical Readings) and Emacspeak.

Contact:  Aster Labrador

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