W3 Not Running

Hi Nolan--

I'll try and answer your question--
but it's rather harsh on the W3 author (who has done a huge amount of
to say "W3 not running" when the problem seems to be your not knowing
how to start it!

To use W3,
You need to have the package loaded in your emacs.

Do something like
M-x load-library

If it loads correctly, you can visit places on the WWW by using
function w3-fetch
which it is usually useful to bind to some key--
this prompts you for a url and loads the document.

W3 has online documentation take a look at it.

Once you start using it,
subscribe to the W3 mailing list (address is in the w3 documentation)
and you'll hopefully have a productive time with the package as I do.

Nolan J. Darilek writes:
 > Hello. I have recently begun experimenting with W3. The compile seems to 
 > work perfectly, though I am having a problem.
 > After compiling, I ran 'make install' and found the package in 
 > /usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp. My next question is, how do I run it? 
 > Can I simply type in the path and name after M-x? Because, if so, I've 
 > tried that and it didn't work. :)
 > Also, I would like to appologize if this question has been asked before. 
 > I am still rather new to emacs.

 No problems-- the only way to learn is to ask --and more importantly
 to read the docs:-)

 All things in emacs are functions.
 Commands are special functions that a user can invoke, either via a
 key sequence or by typing M-x and a function name.

 So you were close  in what you tried --the command is w3-fetch
 which becomes available *after* you load W3 into a running emacs

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