Re: W3 Not Running

When I installed w3 a bunch of stuff got added to the file default.el
in the site.lisp directory, if this file is being loaded then the
command "M-x w3" should work, or "M-x w3-fetch" if it doesn't than
perhaps those lines are not being found.  

Either they were not added to your .emacs or you default.el or emacs
is not reading those files when it starts up.

You could track down where these lines are and why they are not being
seen or, if you like you can just add them to your .emacs file, then
emacs will load them when it starts up, anyway, I put the lines below
- hope this helps, Greg

;;; Emacs-w3 configuration options
(setq load-path (cons (expand-file-name
"/usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp") load-path))
(autoload 'w3-preview-this-buffer "w3" "WWW Previewer" t)
(autoload 'w3-follow-url-at-point "w3" "Find document at pt" t)
(autoload 'w3 "w3" "WWW Browser" t)
(autoload 'w3-open-local "w3" "Open local file for WWW browsing" t)
(autoload 'w3-fetch "w3" "Open remote file for WWW browsing" t)
(autoload 'w3-use-hotlist "w3" "Use shortcuts to view WWW docs" t)
(autoload 'w3-show-hotlist "w3" "Use shortcuts to view WWW docs" t)
(autoload 'w3-follow-link "w3" "Follow a hypertext link." t)
(autoload 'w3-batch-fetch "w3" "Batch retrieval of URLs" t)
(autoload 'url-get-url-at-point "url" "Find the url under the cursor"
(autoload 'url-file-attributes  "url" "File attributes of a URL" nil)
(autoload 'url-popup-info "url" "Get info on a URL" t)
(autoload 'url-retrieve   "url" "Retrieve a URL" nil)
(autoload 'url-buffer-visiting "url" "Find buffer visiting a URL."
(autoload 'gopher-dispatch-object "gopher" "Fetch gopher dir" t)
;;; End of Emacs-w3 configuration options