i'm making progress but haven't got w3 going yet *sigh*


There is something seriously wrong with your mail system--

a message you sent out May 28 just showed up.

Jim--Bart's problem got fixed when he launched a vanila emacs, loaded
emacspeak and then w3--
so the bug he reports is a manifestation of some weirdness in his emacs environment.
Bart Bunting writes:
 > jim, I am running debian.
 > I compiled W3 with "make install datadir=/usr/local/lib" and emacspeak found the widget libraries.
 > However, I still get the error:
 > Loading emacspeak-w3...
 > Cannot open load file: emacspeak-load-path
 > could this have anything to do with my W3 version?
 > i have 3.086.
 > any ideas?
 > Bart.

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