Hi folks
Please accept my apologies for not including my e-mail address and
telephone number in the body of my message.  I am resending the
whole thing again with  the adddress.
Hi Greg,
Please advise and help me as to whether or not to have you post a
one-time message to the emacspeak list.  It would be an
announcement on the availability  of a doubletalk lt for $270 for
emacspeak users.  When Jim Vanzandt releases the doubletalk pc
emacspeak driver, I will offer the dt-pc for $250.
If you post the message  then it will indicate that I did not do it
withoutapproval.  However, if you do not object and prefer, then I
canpost it.  Please let me know, because I do not want to offend
thesensebilities of the list users.  
The thought of doing such occurred to me only on reading Brian
Powell's posting "How do I get a doubletalk?"  
I want to support the emacspeak movement.  Of course there would be
no way for me to check who is using emacspeak, but if it helps some
technically oriented, blind folks, then I won't worry.  
The following is a draft of the announcement, which you can edit at
I want to do my little part in support of emacspeak.  T. V. Raman
and Jim Vanzandt are doing such wonderful things to make unix and
linux available to us with their free software.  The dectalk
express costs $1195 and the doubletalk lt costs $320.  
I want to  make emacspeak more available by offering the doubletalk
lt for $270.  This offer is good for a year and this is a one-time
announcement.  When Jim Vanzandt releases the emacspeak driver for
the doubletalk pc, I will offer the dt-pc for $250.    
Please e-mail me off the list, call,  or write to me at:
voice:  (617) 646-8528
Bob Gildea
Gildea Consulting
18 Hamilton Road APT 207
Arlington MA 02174-8265
Regardds, Bob