view processes

view-process.el is a task manager.

I'll append its readme
and LSM:

Title:          hm--view-process
Version:        2.4
Entered-date:   17AUG96
Description:    An Elisp Package For Viewing Processes With The XEmacs/Emacs19.
		The output of ps is inserted in an emacs buffer. One can easy
		send signals to one or more processes and sort and filter the
		output. A description of the output is also provided.
Keywords:       xemacs, emacs 19, ps, view processes, kill
Author:         muenkel@tnt.uni-hannover.de (Heiko Muenkel)
Primary-site:   ftp.tnt.uni-hannover.de /data/ftp/pub/editors/xemacs/contrib
                38kB hm--view-process-2.4.tar.gz
Alternate-site: sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/apps/editors/emacs           
Platforms:      xemacs 19.14 or higher or the emacs 19.31 or higher
Copying-policy: GPL

This README file describes the emacs lisp package hm--view-process-2.4.

The package provides the `view-process-mode'. With that mode it is
possible to view processes on a UNIX system in an emacs buffer. One
can send signals to the processes or filter and sort the buffer to
find a special group of processes. The filtering and sorting can be
done on a region or on the whole output.  The filter and sorter can
use the whole line or single fields (like the command field or the
size field).

A signal can be send to all processes in a region or only to one

The mode provides also some help functions to display explanations
over the output fields and their values.

It is also possible to view and kill processes on a remote machine via

The mode commands can be called with special keybindings or with menu
items.  Each function, which can be run on regions and on the whole
output, has a generic interface, which determines the state of the
region and calls then the appropriate command.

Faces are used to highlight the header line and processes which should be

The mode is tested on Suns under SunOS 4.1.x and 5.x, on SGI's, HP's
and on Linux PC's.

Thanks to Giacomo Boffi, Andrew Hall and Richard Stallman, who had
tested the package and special thanks to Giacomo Boffi, who has
written special code for HP-UX and who has written some of the code
to emulate XEmacs functions in the Emacs 19.

And last but not least thanks to all the people who have worked on the
XEmacs and the Emacs 19.

The package consists of the following files:

ANNOUNCEMENT			: text of the announcement of this package;
INSTALL				: installation description 
LSM				: entry for the Linux Software Map;
Makefile			: Type 'make help' to get information
				  about the Makefile targets
README				: this file;
view-process-adapt.el		: provides functions to adapt XEmacs functions
				  for this package with the Emacs 19;
				  not needed for the XEmacs;
view-process-emacs-19.el	: special Emacs 19 functions, like the menu
				  not needed for the XEmacs;
view-process-mode.el		: the main file for the view-process-mode;
view-process-system-specific.el : additional system specific code; it is not 
				  necessary, that your system is listed in
				  this file;
view-process-xemacs.el		: special XEmacs functions, like the menu
				  not needed for the Emacs 19;

Please send any bug reports, fixes or comments to 

There is a bug report item in the pulldown menu for this purpose.

I hope these files will be useful,


Best Regards,

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