saving emacspeak windows in eterm.

If you want to recreate your eterm emacspeak windows, the easiest way to do
this is to:

1) Enter eterm review mode
2)Start defining a keyboard macro
3) Define your emacspeak eterm windows
4) Stop defining keyboard macro
5) Try the macro out --you will need to 
be in eterm review mode when you execute the macro
6) if you are happy with it, name it and save the macro to a file

You can read about emacs macros in the online info pages.

Specifically regarding slackware setup--
note that there are two versions of setup --1 that uses fancy terminal curses
and one that is simply a shell script.
you can very effectively use the vanila shell setup gismo within an emacs
shell --at least was the case with older slackwares like 2.0 (which I still

Bart Bunting writes:
 > T. V. Raman writes:
 >  > Bart Bunting writes:
 >  >  > 
 >  >  > I am slowly working out both emacs and emacspeak.
 >  >  > 
 >  >  > one thing I haven't been able to find documentation on is how to save your emacspeak window configuration in eterm.
 >  > You haven't found documentation on how to do it because it's not
 >  >  > implemented.
 >  > 
 >  >  I've never found a reason to save the emacspeak eterm window
 >  >  > configuration-- so did not implement it either. > 
 >  >  > can anyone tell me where i can find info on this?
 >  >  > 
 >  >  > thanks in advance,
 >  >  > Bart
 >  > 
 >  > -- 
 >  > Best Regards,
 >  > --raman
 > i wanted to save the window configurations that i set up to use dselect.
 > how have you gotten arround the problem of having to redefine windows evry time you ran a program like debians dselect?
 > Bart

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