xemacs and emacspeak

Bart Bunting writes:
 > I got emacspeak going under Xemacs.

 Glad you overcame your problems--
 > it appeares that the file that the compilation was looking for existed
 > under a slightly different name.  This fixed, the compile worked fine.
 > the only problem that I have come accross is:
 > in w3 because the images are now displayed, tabbing skips over them

 Above sounds like a w3 bug--
 tabbing should not skip over the image buttons
 irrespective of whether the images are displayed or not.
Note: tabbing *will* skip over simple decorative images that are not
 and this is a desirable feature--
 but that behavior is the same whether  images are displayed or not.
You should report this as a W3 bug to the W3 list--
make sure you write your bug report clearly
and in a manner that people reading it dont just nuke it saying "that
 is because he is using speech"
 > alltogether.  Even if they have an alt text tag.  is there a way of
 > getting emacspeak to read out the alt tag even if the image is
 > displayed on screen?

 Emacspeak will always speak the alt tag or where that is not
  available something reasonable e.g. the URL under the button
 or at worse the name of the gif image if nothing else is available --

 The fact that you say tab jumps over these images either indicates a
 > W3 bug,
 or images that are not buttons but are purely decorative.
 > cheers
 > Bart.

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