strange behaviour of emacspeak under xemacs

This is probably due to some incompatibility between Xemacs and emacs.

I dont think I will have time to look at it any time soon.

Is there any reason why are insisting o using xemacs?
I hope it's not because of some misguided belief that xemacs is for X
and emacs isn't if so please drop that impression.

I am happy for you to use and iron out emacspeak kinks under xemacs--
in fact the xemacs developpers are planning to integrate emacspeak
into a future distribution of xemacs--
but since I dont use xemacs, it's unlikely that I'll have time to look
at each individual problem for you.

So in summary:

1) If you want to use xemacs, rely more on the comp.xemacs and xemacs
developper community
and contribute some hacking/learning time of your own.
2) Alternatively stick with emacs for now.

Incidentally, your brain-dead mailer is generating incorrect reply-to
addresses for you--
my message to you this morning bounced.

Bart Bunting writes:
 > emacspeak seems to work fine under xemacs, except:
 > some of the emacspeak keys don't seem to be bound correctly.
 > including c-e c-e and c-e spc.
 > when i try to emacspeak-speak-page-interactivly, after hitting c-e
 > spc,
 > i get a backtrace as follows:
 >   # bind (standard-output stack-trace-on-signal debug-on-signal stack-trace-on-error debug-on-error)
 >   sit-for(1 0 nil)
 >   #<compiled-function (from "emacspeak-speak.elc") nil "...(11)" [emacspeak-speak-page emacspeak-ask-how-to-speak "page" sit-for 1 0 nil] 7 "Speak the start of, rest of, or the entire page.\n's' to speak the start.\n'r' to speak the rest.\nany other key to speak entire page. " nil>()
 >   call-interactively(emacspeak-speak-page-interactively)
 >   # (condition-case ... . error)
 >   # (catch top-level ...)
 > Does this mean anything to you?  or is this a xemacs problem?
 > I am as yet not familiar enough with lisp to understand the backtrace.
 > any explanations or pointers you have are greatly appreciated. 
 > Bart

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