problems starting speech server

I'm using emacspeak 7.0 with emacs 20.2

i've been trying to get the speech server to work.  It seems to die on startup.
after being asked which port to use i get the following message spoken.  I've ran this from a shell because the error doesn't get saved to the messages buffer, the messages buffer just says:
Successfuly started speech server on port 2222. 

when i run the speech-server from the command line this is what i get.
tip $tcl speech-server  2222 dtk-exp
Started speech server ...
Waiting for a connection on port 2222 ...
Error: expected "-buf" or "-nobuf", got "-twoids"
    while executing
"server_accept -twoids $server"
    invoked from within
"set handles [server_accept -twoids $server]..."
    (file "speech-server" line 48)
tip $

anyone got any ideas?

|Bart Bunting            |       <bart@socs.uts.edu.au>              |