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Thanks to Nicholas for all his hard work!

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Hi everybody!

I'm pleased to announce the availability of my device driver for the
DECtalk PC and DECtalk PC2 voice synthesizer from Digital Equipment Corp.
It compiles to a kernel module so you don't have to recompile your kernel.

It works successfully with Emacspeak out of the box!  Just tell Emacspeak
to use the DECtalk PC device and that's it!

It should also work with Screader or anyy other program written for the
DECtalk Express.

I just uploaded the package to ftp.leb.net/pub/incoming/blinux and should
be moved to /pub/blinux somewhere sometime.  I expect to upload it to
sunsite too when I'll have some time.

I'm quite happy with this release since I put a lot of work in this
project.  If you own a DECtalk PC, please use it and tell me about it!

Nicolas Pitre, B. ing.

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