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This page is a list of links to pictures pictures of "Herbert" my wearable computer. Most of the pictures are jpegs and around 30k to 40k in size and taken in the mid to late 1990's. This includes some of the different keyboards I have been making. A description and pictures of my current rig with links to sources is available from http://wiki.cs.vassar.edu/people/priestdo/wearables/top

Using Herbert

Pictures of Herbie and me by Doug Plat from the "First International Symposium on Wearable Computing" (Oct. 97).

Herbert I (Nov. 97)

In the bag is the Gateway 2000 handbook, the dectalk express, and an extra battery, in the outside pocket is the box containing the BAT, the suspend/resume switch and the on off switch for the keyboard. In this configuration the only keyboard is the hand held. The rainbow suspender goes around the waist and holds the bag snug to the body. I have been wearing it under my coat now that the weather is getting cold and by removing the key caps from the bat and filling in the space with cardboard, I don't have to worry about stray key hits. In the "out of the bag" picture you can see the modifications done on the BAT.

Herbert II (Oct. '98) & Herbert III (March '99)

The Herbert III pictures are some what larger to show more detail. These pictures have key components labeled.

For descriptions of these machines see http://www.cs.vassar.edu/~priestdo/wearable.html

Herbert IV aka Charmit

The folks at Charmed Technology liked my designs and hired me to design a pc104 enclosure specifically for wearable use. Pictures of that design and cad files should you want to build it yourself were available at http://www.charmed.com/charmit/. I hope to post a mirror of that information shortly. Also at the Charmit site is my design for small 15 watt dc-dc power converter that I have been using since Feb. 2000.


Since Oct. of 1999 I nolonger use the bat board pictured in the above photos, but instead use a linux kernel hack that provides the same functionality. The hack was writen by Jinnah Hosein and has its own page at http://www.cs.vassar.edu/~priestdo/chordhack/.

I am still working on the keyboard, here are some of the steps I have been through.

The third hand held keyboard does not have a way to attach it to the hand affixed permanently to it. I am playing with several methods of attaching it to the hand. By separating the box with the keys from the part that has to fit the hand I have been able to try several attachment methods. I am also able to make a different "clip" so the unit will fit vary different sized hands. I am able to type with this unit with winter gloves on (in the sleet) without much of a problem. This same box could be attached to the body or to an object if the situation required the hand to be entirely unencumbered.

The last few keyboards have gone back to the first leather keyboard style of attachment to the hand, but are shaped like the third. I find I like the solid feel of the full leather hand support. Here are a few pictures of the keyboard I am currently using the most. (This is also the one in the picture at the top of this page.) Pictures are from 4/98.

One nice day in June 2000 I decided to take some sandpaper to my M1. This is the result.

The good folks at TekGear modified my M1 for me. They put it on a nice thin cable. This allowed what was in the earpeice to fit in the beltpack. I then made an eyeglass clip from spring steel wire and taped it to my shaped M1. The ends of the steel has the insulation from some 18ga. wire on it to keep it from scratching my glasses.

Battery Clips

Several folks have asked what I do for battery clips, I am giving them their own page: http://www.cs.vassar.edu/~priestdo/battery.clips/

SIGGRAPH CyberFashon Show

In 2002, 2003 and 2004 several of my working rigs were displayed at the SIGGRAPH CyberFashon Show.

In 2002 they used a few older herberts (herbert I,II,III) and, a belt mount rig and 2 vest based rigs. Of course the vests were made to fit me, not the modles, so they look rather, uh, more dorky than usuall... You have been warned.

SIGGRAPH STUDIO : CyberFashion Show photos by Kiristen Massie & Lyn Bishop 24 july 2002

In 2003 and 2004 the show displayed the Charmit that I did the design on. These pictures can be found on Isa Gordon's site http://psymbiote.org/cyfash/


If you have any pictures of Me and Herbert from an ISWC I would love to get a copy. Thanks!

Well, that's it for now. More as I get the time to post it.

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