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[Left to right: Piper, Annie, Grace]
Name: Annie Hsu
Class Year: 2018
Where I'm from: Pleasanton, CA
Majors/correlates: Computer Science major, Math correlate
Something people might not know about you: I can basically fall asleep on command.
What is one thing you'd steal from Sanders?: Definitely one of the comfy chairs. Ideally I would want the smell of the stairwells but idk how to “steal” that.
Favorite thing about CS: The people are really great. However, impressing non-cs people by pretending you know how to use terminal, also great.

Name: Grace (Sang Ah) Bae
Class Year: 2018
Majors/correlates: Computer Science major, Sociology correlate
Where you're from: Grew up on Long Island, NY but was born in and recently moved back to Queens, NY!
Something people might not know about you: I've always been a big dog person, but after raising backyard chickens, I feel like hens are the perfect pet
What is one thing you'd steal from Sanders?: Not that I would steal them, but I think our building has the nicest bathrooms on campus
Favorite thing about CS: It's literally limitless! Plus the subject itself has been really fun, interesting and challenging to me from the very beginning.

Name: Piper Yang
Class Year: 2019
Majors/correlates: Computer Science major, Math and Religion correlate
Where you're from: Edina, Minnesota (that state way up north dontcha know)
Something people might not know about you: I can't whistle. I've tried to learn for years now and the best I can do is make a sad little squeaking noise. It's rough.
What is one thing you'd steal from Sanders? One of the water fountains because I live in Raymond and we barely have one functioning water fountain and I'm just a little bit salty about it.
Favorite thing about CS: The community. When you spend over ten hours a week struggling through assignments in the Asprey lab alongside your fellow majors, you end up forming a pretty tight bond with everyone.



VC++ is Vassar’s only computer science centered org. Our goal is to build a strong computer science community on campus. This year we’re working on creating a student-run makerspace, setting up an interview prep & study group, and running multiple workshops.
Contact for more information.


What does Marble do?
Mobilizes college students to serve as Case Managers and nonprofit Interns (for POTENTIAL 0.5 credit through field work!) Case Managers are trained with guidelines to help the Hudson Valley community find mental health resources in unique tech-related ways!!
Contact for more information.