CMPU-101-04 Computer Science I and Lab. (Fall 2018)

Asmt Date out Date due Specification Sample solution
1 Thursday, 13th September Tuesday, 18th September Assignment 01 Solutions for Assignment 01
2 Thursday, 20th September Tuesday, 25th September Assignment 02 Solutions for Assignment 02
3 Thursday, 27th September Tuesday, 2nd October Assignment 03 Solutions for Assignment 03
4 Thursday, 4th October Tuesday, 9th October Assignment 04 Solutions for Assignment 04
5 Thursday, 25th October Tuesday, 30th October Assignment 05 Solutions for Assignment 05
6 Thursday, 1st November Tuesday, 6th November Assignment 06 Solutions for Assignment 06
7 Thursday, 8th November Tuesday, 13th November Assignment 07 Solutions for Assignment 07
8 Thursday, 15th November Tuesday, 20th November Assignment 08 Solutions for Assignment 08
9 Thursday, 29th November Tuesday, 4th December Assignment 09 Solutions for Assignment 09
10 Tuesday, 4th December Friday, 14th December
at 5 p.m.
Assignment 10


Submission Guidelines


  1. Always use a new directory for each week's assignment. When you submit your work you submit an entire directory, not just an individual file.
  2. It helps to save your work incrementally, especially if you make major changes to your file. In other words, save your first work as Homework 1, then when you have made some changes save it as Homework 2, then Homework 3, and so on.
The PRINT-HW Command

You should use the print-hw command on any of the CS computers to print a neat, tidy document to the printer in the Asprey Lab.. You can use this for both Definitions and output from the Interactions Window.

For example, if you have saved your Definitions as asmt_04_defs.txt and the output from the Interactions Window as asmt_04_out.txt, you would type:

print-hw asmt_04_defs.txt
print-hw asmt_04_out.txt

You must type a separate print-hw command for each file you wish to print.

Checking Your Print-Outs

It is your responsibility to make sure that your printed-out homework submissions are complete. Any missing questions will receive a grade of zero (0).


Assignments are due at the beginning of the class following the one where it was issued. (Labs do not count for this.) So if an assignment is given out on Thursday, it is due the following Tuesday.

You must submit your work both electronically and as a paper print-out. If you are unsure how to do either of these things, please ask a coach for help.

The late policy for assignments is described here.

Assignment Helper

This file contains three functions which will help to make your output easier to read and grade. To use it, make sure there is a copy of the file asmt-helper.txt in the directory you are using for the assignment. Then, at the top of the file, include the following instruction:

(load “asmt-helper.txt”)

This will cause the Assignment Helper file to be loaded automatically whenever you click the Run|> button.

Files for Hunt the Wumpus