Team # Members Database Project [database name] Presentation
1 Mafaz and Furrukh e-commerce
2 Nhan, Muhtasim, and Jason Pokeman
3 Michael and Oliver NFL data
4 Jack and Gabor music library (possibly)
5 Ayo and Tiara
6 Hero and Szymon bike trails of NY
7 JoJo and Aaron data analysis related
8 David and Tracy olympics_db
  • Recommendations DB for Books, TV shows, movies…
  • Student-run Rock museum - WARTHIN (local - Vassar)
  • Business accelerator / Venture Capital (source:
  • Olympic-related (countries, events, ticket sales) (Kaggle)
  • Music Library - collections, composer, key, genre
  • Alumni - maybe CS-specific? (like Vassar Net)
  • Last.FM (Spotify, YouTube) - common tracks among users, most common for an individual user
  • Pokeman DB
  • Animals used in Scientific Research, what we do to them, etc. (local to Vassar)
  • Start-up DB - what kinds, trends for success/failure
  • Rate My Professor - integrate with AskBanner
  • Deece DB (menus, by day, when are certain foods served?)
  • Boardgame DB (search for board games based on attributes)
  • Data Analysis - from Government, pre/post pandemic, etc.
  • NFL DB - statistics, analysis, consistency among players
    • variation: at the team level, predictions
  1. Video game interface (collects info on the game-playing goals, what players are doing / improve play
  2. Tinder: info from a dating app, sort/analyze info; Tinder is not user friendly; goals: spot patterns, get the most out of using dating apps
  3. Stars / Astronomical DB - for analysis
  4. Exercise Program - one of VC's coaches keeps all this info on paper, enters into a spreadsheet (maybe); but could include lists of players, exercises, programs, progress…
  5. Instagram DB - who you ever followed, when, when others followed you
  6. Tinder, but for Movies: among friends, find movies both would like to see
  7. VC Fencing Team (AskFred - DB on US fencers with APIs) - where does VC recruit from? etc.
  8. DB for Artworks / Museums: what works? what medium? where kept? etc.
  9. Oceanography - how depth and location affect distribution of elements
  10. Song lyrics, enter lyrics, find song, etc.
  11. Covid-related: campus policies → incidents, how effective, compared to other institutions