Occam-pi Lecture Notes

Courtesy: Peter Welch, University of Kent, Canterbury

These are PPT slides supporting the “Concurrency Design and Practice” module at Kent. This is a 2nd. year elective module. The reading order is:

  • motivation (main stuff:1-49, blood clot modelling 50-113) PPT PDF
  • basics (intro:1-21, main stuff: 22-110) PPT PDF
  • replicators (main stuff:1-99) PPT PDF
  • choice (main stuff:1-130) PPT PDF
  • applying (main stuff:1-74) PPT PDF
  • protocol (main stuff:1-71) PPT PDF
  • shared-etc (main stuff:1-103) PPT PDF

These slides are under continuous development …

Peter Welch.

30th. October, 2006.