Week 1

No class

  • Introductions
  • Syllabus

  • Coaches for this semester
    • to be announced
    • Introductions: this Friday
    • Coaching hours will be posted—see the link in the sidebar

  • How to read HtDP/2e:
    • Don't just read!
    • Keep DrRacket open and try things out as you read about them! :-)
    • I will try to model that today and throughout
    • Computer Scientists are scientists, and scientists experiment / follow the scientific method


  • Let's make a movie!
    • Prologue of HtDP/2e: How to Program
    • Rocket landing
    • Iterative refinement: start simple, gradually improve, make more readable, easier to understand, and modify


  • Preparation for lab on Friday:
    • install DrRacket on your computer
  • The Design Recipe
  • Active readings for next week:
    • Prolog of HtDP/2e (for this week)
    • Section I, chapters 1-3 (for next week)
  • Finish the Rocket landing demos

  • Lab 1 today
  • Coach introductions: to be announced…
  • Matt Tarantino, CS Department System Administrator
    • for those students who would like to have a Linux account
    • not required for this semester due to Covid and remote attendance (not physically in lab)
    • we will install and run DrRacket on your notebook computer
  • Do the lab
  • Submit the lab (via GitHub)