Remote Access

If you want to connect to the CS machines from your dorm room or home, you will need either a web browser or the SSH program on your system. It is considered secure because all communications done through SSH are encrypted.

Announcement (March 06, 2023)

As of March 06th, 2023, direct internet access to the CS Department bastion servers is no longer allowed. If you want to access these bastion servers then you need to be on the Vassar College VPN .

NOTE: mote is not meant to be used for work, only for accessing other workstations, so nothing is installed on it. To run any programs, you'll need to ssh from there to another workstation. Even better, set up a proxy jump so that you don't have to worry about mote at all. You can use the hostname of any workstation. For example, workstations in the Agile Compute Lab have hostnames “acl###”, where ### is a number from 201 to 220. From mote, you can `ssh acl215`, to access Asprey Compute Lab workstation 215.