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 +====== 2012-12-14 Hackathon ======
 +<​html><​style type="​text/​css">​div.dokuwiki ul { margin-top: -13px; margin-left:​ 3em; } div.dokuwiki h2 { text-align: center; font-weight:​ bold;​}</​style></​html>​
 +===== What is a HACKATHON???​ =====
 +No, we will not be hacking into the FBI or crashing CIS. A Hackathon is where you code a program in a specific amount of time, in our case, **24 hours**. Vassar’s very //first hackathon// is going to be based on a **theme**, where you can use **any language**, to code **anything** you want, as long as it is related to that theme. ​
 +For example, if the theme is Halloween
 +  * make a pumpkin smashing game
 +  * make a database that chooses silly costumes
 +  * a program where you input age, costume and location and gives you statistics of getting awesome candy
 +You can work alone, or in pairs, and if you want to really challenge yourself, you can pick a random language from a hat! You **don’t** have to be great at coding, or do anything complicated,​ it’s all about fun and spending time with your fellow CS classmates.
 +**During the Hackathon there will be...**
 +  * Pizza
 +  * swag points
 +  * brag sheet where your name and program name will be
 +  * certificates for participants
 +  * Trophy for the “winner” that will be displayed on the shelf in the asprey lab
 +  * did I say swag points?
 +Sign-up sheets are around the labs and classrooms. Come participate in Vassar’s very first Hackathon! A monumental event.
 +The hackathon will start on Friday December 14<​html><​sup>​th</​sup></​html>​.
 +Contact Cat Morgan (camorgan [at] vassar [dot] edu>) or Sandy Pogarcic (sapogarcic [at] gmail [dot] com) if you have any questions!