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 +====== Using our xmpp server ​ ======
 +This page is only now being written, 'till then, here is the email I sent out last spring:
 +We now have a chat server. ​ It uses the open protocol XMPP aka
 +Jabber. It can do chat rooms (group chats), messaging (IM) and can
 +reach and be reached by other XMPP servers around the world (like
 +google talk). ​ The big advantage over AIM is that XMPP is
 +decentralized. ​ Your messages only go as far as the servers involved,
 +so it saves electricity and network traffic. It's greener and more
 +secure! Messages to other cs.vassar.edu users go from the user to our
 +server to the other user.
 +So why all the confusion? Well...
 +There is a lot of variation in the way differing IM clients are set
 +up. If you are using a client I have not listed and you figure out how
 +to connect, please let me know so I can add your client to this list.
 +Now if the clients would only standardize on a naming convention...
 +Setup for Ayttm, Emacs, Pidgin and Psi IM clients:
 +The address USER@cs.vassar.edu is the part you give out to others.
 +USER does not have to be the same as your email name, but please don't
 +pick something that is someone else's email address.
 +(remember to replace "​USER"​ with what you want for your username!)
 +Client ​    Calls it             Give it
 +------ ​   ----------- ​          ​-------
 +ayttm  -  Service ​              ​Jabber
 +          Screen Name           ​USER@cs.vassar.edu
 +        then you edit the account
 +          Connect Server ​        ​talk.cs.vassar.edu
 +          Use SSL
 +        You must then select "​OK"​ at the bottom of the screen BEFORE
 +        you try to connect or it will not work.
 +pidgin ​ - Protocal ​              XMPP
 +          Username ​              USER
 +          Domain ​                ​cs.vassar.edu
 +        then select the "​Advanced"​ tab at the top
 +          Require SSL/TLS
 +          Connection server ​     talk.cs.vassar.edu
 +psi     - Server ​                ​cs.vassar.edu
 +        then check "​Manually Specify Host/​Port"​
 +          Server Host            talk.cs.vassar.edu
 +          Encrypt connection ​    ​Always
 +          Username ​              USER
 +          (username and password are given last for psi)
 +emacs   ​- ​ jabber-connection-type ​ ssl
 +           ​jabber-server ​          ​cs.vassar.edu
 +           ​jabber-network-server ​  ​talk.cs.vassar.edu
 +           ​jabber-username ​        USER
 +or in your .emacs file:
 +          (require '​jabber)
 +          (jabber-connection-type (quote ssl))
 +          (jabber-server "​cs.vassar.edu"​)
 +          (jabber-network-server "​talk.cs.vassar.edu"​)
 +          (jabber-username "​USER"​)