Using our xmpp server

This page is only now being written, 'till then, here is the email I sent out last spring:

We now have a chat server.  It uses the open protocol XMPP aka
Jabber. It can do chat rooms (group chats), messaging (IM) and can
reach and be reached by other XMPP servers around the world (like
google talk).  The big advantage over AIM is that XMPP is
decentralized.  Your messages only go as far as the servers involved,
so it saves electricity and network traffic. It's greener and more
secure! Messages to other users go from the user to our
server to the other user.

So why all the confusion? Well...

There is a lot of variation in the way differing IM clients are set
up. If you are using a client I have not listed and you figure out how
to connect, please let me know so I can add your client to this list.

Now if the clients would only standardize on a naming convention...

Setup for Ayttm, Emacs, Pidgin and Psi IM clients:

The address is the part you give out to others.

USER does not have to be the same as your email name, but please don't
pick something that is someone else's email address.

(remember to replace "USER" with what you want for your username!)

Client     Calls it             Give it
------    -----------           -------

ayttm  -  Service               Jabber
          Screen Name 
        then you edit the account
          Connect Server
          Use SSL
        You must then select "OK" at the bottom of the screen BEFORE
        you try to connect or it will not work.

pidgin  - Protocal               XMPP
          Username               USER
        then select the "Advanced" tab at the top
          Require SSL/TLS
          Connection server

psi     - Server       
        then check "Manually Specify Host/Port"
          Server Host  
          Encrypt connection     Always
          Username               USER
          (username and password are given last for psi)

emacs   -  jabber-connection-type  ssl
           jabber-username         USER

or in your .emacs file:

          (require 'jabber)
          (jabber-connection-type (quote ssl))
          (jabber-server "")
          (jabber-network-server "")
          (jabber-username "USER")