Welcome to my home! The home page can only be a faint reflection of the person; here you will find a few of the reflections I cast. Just step right this way.

This is my bedroom. It's small, with just barely enough room for me, my husband, and a bookcase. Greg is currently a computer systems administrator; he also designs and builds wearable computers. By the way, all my web pages are written to be browser-independent.

This is my daughter's bedroom. Better not go in there: her pet dragon might get you.

And across here is the office. That's where I spend time reading, surfing, and writing. Among my other interests, I read and write about the period known as the Viking Age and the history of Western textiles. (Yes, I wove those two tapestries, but I didn't draw the orange dragon; my daughter did that. And my father took that photograph of the waterfall.) While I'm writing, sometimes I listen to music, everything from Hildegarde of Bingen to Matisyahu and Neko Case. Everybody should have a favorite indie or small-label artist. Mine's Isirion.

Here on the landings are some of the more fun bookshelves. This one has the Tolkien and Harry Potter books. That big one down there is for comparative mythology.

Up there is where I keep the fleeces and yarn. I'm a fiber freak: I like doing all kinds of textile arts, particularly spinning, weaving, dyeing, knitting, tablet weaving, and tapestry weaving. I have also done volunteer work with the samplers and other textiles at the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center of Vassar College . Oh, and there are a lot of books up there too.

Down here is the living room. It houses two of my looms and some other textile tools. We also keep some of the musical instruments and a bunch of the books, mostly the history ones, in here.

Here's the den. We keep the warp-weighted loom and the TV in here. In college I studied mostly religion and ancient history, with an emphasis on comparative mythology. Perhaps not coincidentally, my favorite TV show is Babylon 5, even though it's not even in reruns right now.

Back here's the kitchen. I like to cook, mostly ethnic and vegetarian foods (anything with chiles!). I'm also interested in the culinary history of the Middle Ages.

Out here is a nice spot where I want to put in some old roses. Maybe next year, after we paint. I've only been saying that for ten years now!

Here in the garage we keep the tents. My favorite hobby is one part history, one part dress-up: historical re-enactment. I belong to the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international club that recreates the fun bits of the Middle Ages. It's a perfect outlet for someone who likes to learn about history in concrete, rather than abstract, ways. My husband and I study the tenth century, when the Scandinavians were in control of much of northern England. In the SCA I am known as Þóra Sharptooth, a tenth-century farmer's wife from the area near Jorvík (York) in the Danelaw. That pile of canvas is our tents; the geteld is the big one.

That's the end of the tour. Feel free to poke around a bit!

This page was created on 5 October 1996 and last updated on 3 February 2007.

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