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Who am I in the Known World?

 gules, three square weaver's tablets in bend Or In the SCA I am known as Þóra Sharptooth, a tenth-century steader from the area near Jorvík in the Danelaw. We have a small stead: just my husband Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson, our daughter Ljómi, Dof's brother Tanna-Kórmakr Makansson the jarl, and our four adopted dependents (Danabren, Conchobar, Macsen, and Alistrina). When we travel, we call our encampment "Buðgarðr" (pronounced "booth-garth"); it means "tent village."

I have written several pieces concerning the Viking Age and the history of Western textiles. Here you will find links to some articles, bibliographies, and weaving drafts I have produced over the last several years. Some of them were originally printed in publications of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. Others are pamphlets from classes I have taught or papers I have written for conferences or competitions. All of them are copyright © by me, Carolyn Priest-Dorman.

However, my SCA interests are hardly limited to Vikings and their contemporaries. Although I'm not in the business of posting huge piles of links for people to peruse, here is a list of some links I consider to be useful for SCA people.

Here are a few Viking clothing links.

Oh yeah: in case you're interested, here's the alphabet soup/feudal lineage page.

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