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Re: The State of Web Browsing in Emacspeak [very long]

Hi Rob,

Rob Hill <robhill@es.co.nz> writes:

> With 
> (add-hook 'w3m-after-cursor-move-hook (lambda ()
>   (emacspeak-speak-messages nil)))
> in the .emacs file, messages do still get spoken after the hook
> exits.  

That is good to know, for the archive if nothing else.

> I remember seeing the 
> (remove-hook 'w3m-after-cursor-move-hook
>      #'w3m-print-this-url)
> solution in the list archive, trying it, and it not working;  I've
> just spotted the '#' sign on the second line, which I failed to do
> when I last tried it.  Having removed this '#' sign, it works.

Hmmm.  I think I  remember having a problem when it was in the .emacs
file, but fixing it by moving it to the .emacs-w3m file.

As concerns the hash mark, I have never taken the time to figure out
what it does.  It worked for me so I never questioned it.  I think about
it and wonder what it does about half the time that I see it but I can't
be bothered to look it up.

> In short, both solutions seem to produce the same result,  and I must
> remember to alter the punctuation settings when reading such messages.
> However, it may help somebody if one solution or other is included in
> your excellent document.

It will be in the version I am working on for the emacspeak info

Thanks again for bringing this to my attention and for testing the
different versions of the solution.

Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

Perhaps, after all, America never has been discovered.  I myself would
say that it had merely been detected.
		-- Oscar Wilde

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