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Re: tcl 8.4 and emacspeak

for 8.4 replacing file0 with stdin and file1 with stdout will

The problem with making this change in the code base now is that
one would need to test all the speech servers under both tcl8.3
and 8.4 -- something that I myself dont have the time to do right

This is something that is worth fixing however, so if everyone
pitches in, it might be doable.

In the minimum  here's what is needed before the code can be
safely changed:

for server in servers:
  for os in [redhat, fedora, suse, debian, ubuntu ...]:

sendBriefEmail should contain:

os server pass
os server fail

>>>>> "gary" == gary fox <garyfox@scottsboro.org> writes:
    gary> You are right.  I don't know why it worked or actually
    gary> even if it did work correctly because I do not have
    gary> experience with a working emacspeak system.
    gary> Since I now have the doubletalk server as an
    gary> independent executable file, I started it and ran the
    gary> procedure tts_selftest.  It was not able to repeat the
    gary> loop and gave the following error.  Error: can not find
    gary> channel named "file0"
    gary> Toward the end of the doubletalk server file there a
    gary> section called #working around tcl 7.5 (Looks like
    gary> deja-vu all over again!)  modified the the following
    gary> line:
    gary> set tts(input) file0 to set tts(input) stdin
    gary> This time tts_selftest looped from 1 to 9 and no errors
    gary> were reported
    gary> I commented out all of the if statement in that section
    gary> since it should have no effect on my setup.  However,
    gary> once I really know what I am doing I will try to fix it
    gary> correctly to work with 8.3 and 8.4 as well as the 7.5.
    gary> Thanks again for the help!
    gary> Gary Fox
    gary> On Thu, 2007-03-01 at 18:43 -0800, T. V. Raman wrote:
    >> Note that simply doing package require Tclx under tclsh
    >> 8.4 is not sufficient in emacspeak I'm actually surprized
    >> the doubletalk server worked.
    >> The problem is that tclx8.3 refered to stdin as file0
    >> whereas tcl8.4 doesn't.
    >> see
    >> http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_id=3849&max_rows=25&style=nested&viewmonth=200011
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