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Pronunciation in LaTeX + Auctex mode

this needs t be fixed by advising the quote insert function, not
via the dictionary. I'll check in a fix sometime unless someone
else gets to it first.

>>>>> "Kalyan" == Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan.infinity@gmail.com> writes:
    Kalyan> Cheers.  Kalyan I noticed a small but curious feature
    Kalyan> of how Emacspeak behaves while editing LaTeX.  When I
    Kalyan> hold the Shift key down and press the apostrophe
    Kalyan> character `'' I get " and now in Mail mode I hear
    Kalyan> `quotes'. In LaTeX mode I don't hear anything.
    Kalyan> Presumably this is because AucTeX puts in `` or ''
    Kalyan> according to wether the relevant quotes are opening
    Kalyan> or closing quotes.
    Kalyan> I am trying to help a colleague (who is deficient in
    Kalyan> LaTeXnique) prepare a manuscript on Mathematical
    Kalyan> Logic and need to explain how to put in unlaut as in
    Kalyan> G\"{o}del but since my comments are being written in
    Kalyan> a LaTeX file I don't hear anything for ". Can this
    Kalyan> behaviour be changed using C-e M-d d and specifying a
    Kalyan> pronunciation for LaTeX mode --- my attempts have
    Kalyan> failed, so far.
    Kalyan> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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