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Re: Pronunciation in LaTeX + Auctex mode

Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan.infinity@gmail.com> writes:

> When I hold the Shift key down and press the apostrophe character `''
> I get " and now in Mail mode I hear `quotes'. In LaTeX mode I don't
> hear anything.
> Presumably this is because AucTeX puts in `` or ''  according to
> wether the relevant quotes are opening or closing quotes.

Oddly, the " character generates a doubled apostrophe.
I.E., typing ``Hello world" generates ``Hello world''.  The behavior is
not context-sensitive.  Note this behavior occurs with the standard LaTeX
mode; I cannot speak for AucTeX, but it probably does the same.

Solution: type C-q before hitting the shifted apostrophe.  Emacspeak says
quote, and " is inserted into the buffer.

-- Chris

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