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you need to be running the latest w3 out of CVS along with emacs
22's url package. Alternatively use emacs-w3m

>>>>> "Rob" == Rob Hill <robhill@es.co.nz> writes:
    Rob> Hello, When I run emacspeak-rss-browse, via c-e c-u, I
    Rob> get a request to save the mime part to a file, rather
    Rob> than the output being displayed directly, which would of
    Rob> course be better.  My brain has reached the limit of its
    Rob> racking, such as it is, and I'd appreciate help.
    Rob> I'm running emacs 21.4 on debian stable, with emacspeak
    Rob> 25.0.  I've attached the debug-on-quit output.
    Rob> Thanks,
    Rob> rob
    Rob> emacspeak@cs.vassar.eduDebugger entered--Lisp error:
    Rob> (quit) ad-Orig-read-file-name("Save MIME part to: "
    Rob> "/home/rob" nil nil nil) read-file-name("Save MIME part
    Rob> to: " "/home/rob") mm-save-part((#<buffer *mm*>
    Rob> ("application/octet-stream") nil nil nil nil nil nil))
    Rob> mm-display-external((#<buffer *mm*>
    Rob> ("application/octet-stream") nil nil nil nil nil nil)
    Rob> mailcap-save-binary-file) mm-display-part((#<buffer
    Rob> *mm*> ("application/octet-stream") nil nil nil nil nil
    Rob> nil)) ad-Orig-w3-fetch-callback("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-"
    Rob> #<buffer *xslt result*>)
    Rob> w3-fetch-callback("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" #<buffer *xslt
    Rob> result*>) apply(w3-fetch-callback
    Rob> ("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" #<buffer *xslt result*>))
    Rob> url-file-asynch-callback(nil nil "/tmp/burl2219gJ-"
    Rob> #<buffer *url-file*> w3-fetch-callback
    Rob> ("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" #<buffer *xslt result*>))
    Rob> url-file(["file" nil nil nil 21 "/tmp/burl2219gJ-" nil
    Rob> nil nil] w3-fetch-callback ("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-"
    Rob> #<buffer *xslt result*>))
    Rob> url-retrieve("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" w3-fetch-callback
    Rob> ("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" #<buffer *xslt result*>))
    Rob> w3-fetch("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-")
    Rob> browse-url-w3("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" nil)
    Rob> apply(browse-url-w3 "file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" nil)
    Rob> browse-url-default-browser("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-" nil)
    Rob> apply(browse-url-default-browser "file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-"
    Rob> nil) browse-url("file:/tmp/burl2219gJ-")
    Rob> browse-url-of-file("/tmp/burl2219gJ-")
    Rob> browse-url-of-buffer()
    Rob> emacspeak-w3-browse-xml-url-with-style("/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/xsl/rss.xsl"
    Rob> "http://www.bbc.co.uk/syndication/feeds/news/ukfs_news/front_page/rss091.xml";
    Rob> unescape-charent)
    Rob> emacspeak-rss-display("http://www.bbc.co.uk/syndication/feeds/news/ukfs_news/front_page/rss091.xml";
    Rob> speak) emacspeak-rss-browse("BBC News")
    Rob> call-interactively(emacspeak-rss-browse)


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