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web archive changes

Hi Folks,

I have made 3 changes to the emacspeak list web archive today.

Two are aesthetic: I changed the default footer to contain only the
year number for each year in place of the old "Emacspeak List Archive"
and the year.  This shorted up the footer considerably.  Second, I now
list the years from current year back (newest first).  And third,
starting with 2007 each year is put in its own subdirectory right from
the start.  As a result the location of a message will not change once
it is indexed as it use do at the end of the year and the start of
year transition is now mostly automatic.  This both makes it simpler
for me to maintain and better for off site search engines.  I have
been meaning to do this for quite some time and finaly got a round to

I have rerun the search engine here at Vassar so searches will
provide correct results.  However, I suspect it will take some time
for off site indexes to catch up with the change. 



 Greg Priest-Dorman

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