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Re: This is off-topic? perhaps.

Hi Jason,
Jason White writes:
 > Try the following:
 > pdftotext -layout file.pdf
 > If the PDF document is formatted in multiple columns, specify the -raw option:
 > pdftotext -raw file.pdf
 > which usually works.
 > Thanks to T.V. Raman, the PDF format was improved a number of years ago to
 > allow the entire logical structure of a document to be represented
 > independently of its presentation. Unfortunately, XPDF doesn't support this
 > feature )when it does, it should be easy to write a PDF to XML/XHTML
 > conversion tool). I don't know whether there are standard conventions for
 > representing the structure of mathematical expressions in PDF, but a solution
 > based on MathML should be possibl

The only formula in Mannin.txt (the text file produced by pdftotxt)
caught my attention when it was read out:

I heard:
	32 + 42 = 52!!!

Naturally I "woke up" paid attention and realized that this was the
rendition of the Pythagorean identity:

$3^2+ 4^2= 5^2$. 

Your other suggestions are interesting but I am not a codeslinger but
a retired mathematician. However I did correspond usefully with the
aauthor of xpdf --- Derek Noonberg. I will try to resume
correspondence with him and see what transpires.

Thanks for the response.

e. Here, the problem is that software which
 > generates PDF files would need to be adapted to include the necessary
 > structures in the output document.
 > If you happen to know anyone who is looking for an interesting
 > accessibility-related computer science project, then collaborating with the
 > author of XPDF to add support for "tagged PDF", as specified in the latest
 > edition of the PDF Reference, would be a good suggestion. Background in C++
 > would be required, and I expect that substantial expertise in computer science
 > would also be a prerequisite.

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