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svn repository on google code somewhat corrupted

Hi all,

I tried using svk with the emacspeak svn repository on googlecode but
svk failed to mirror the repository. The reason for using svk is that
it allows me to create local branches of emacspeak to try new things and still easily
merge changes made to the main repository.

The problem is not specific to svk, it just shows with svk because svk
tries to mirror the whole repository with all revisions. things that
for example fail (in the trunk directory):

svn update -r 4
svn update -r 2000
svn update -r 3000
svn update -r 4000

What does work for example:

svn update -r 3
svn update -r 4200

It seems that most early revisions (I would guess those imported from
CVS) cannot be updated to without some errors. 

It would probably be very hard to fix these inconsistencies. I just
thought I'd post it here so that it is documented as a known problem.

Best regards, Lukas

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