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Re: Alternatives to VM for mail

Note that my original question about alternative mail readers was because it
looked like VM was no longer being maintained. However, VM does now have a new
maintainer, so at least its future for the short-term seems to be assured. 

With respect to setting the gnus spool file location, I believe you do this
when setting the secondary select method, but I could be wrong. Gnus is a bit
of a monster and I never got around to using it for mail in a production sense
(just fiddled with it for a short period). I also use mew from time to time,
which isn't too bad (though some of the default behavior seems a bit unusual to
me - for example, reply will reply to the senders in the Cc field - what is
normally 'follow-up' in VM and other mailers I've used). What I really didn't
like about mew was that it doesn't integrate well with other modes I use, such
as bbdb, planner-mode, org mode etc. 


> What I couldn't figure about gnus was how to point it at my mailspool 
> file.  It had a different location coded into the program.  Was it hard 
> coded, perhaps I don't know for sure.

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