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Re: Customize problem

From: Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net>
Subject: Re: Customize problem
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2007 13:29:49 +0200

> > when I try to save elisp files.  I get much the same when trying to use
> > M-x byte-compile-file.  I had not yet made an attempt to track it down.
> > 
> > > could anyone else who is running from the SVN version of emacspeak and running
> > > emacs 22 see if they can get the same results, especially if they have also
> > > observed the lack of a save option when trying to save changes to
> > > a custom item?
> As for the missing "Save for future sessions" option, I can confirm
> that it is somehow linked to emacspeak, because the option is present
> when I use emacs with speechd-el.
> I also get the mentioned error when byte-compiling elisp filess, However it
> somehow seems to be  dependent on the order in which things get loaded,
> i.e. after some fiddling around, it usually goes away. I am also using
> the described hook for automatically recompiling elisp files when saving.
> Here is another problem I ran into, that is specific to emacs 22: In
> info mode, when using incremental search (C-s), emacspeak will say "Search
> failed" even if a match is found. Can anyone reproduce this?
> Best regards, Lukas
Yes, I've observed this same behavior. I first noticed it when initially
starting to use emacspeak with emacs 22 quite some time ago. It then started
working again (or at least appeared to), but I noticed it again yesterday when
searching through some info pages while trying to understand why the save for
future sessions option is not appearing in customize when you activate the
'state' button. I have noticed this behavior in other modes as well, not just
info mode. The incorrect "match not found" message appears to occur when therre
are multiple matches. With a single match, I can't reproduce that behavior. for
example, in the info 'dir' page, searching for emacs tells me search fialed,
but there are multiple instances of emacs on the page and it highlights the
first of them in the match face. However, searching for 'starts', finds the
match and does not say no match found. In both cases, it sounds like the
'matched' auditory icon is played, I also notice that when there are multiple
matches, its only with the first match that the message "search failed" is
spoken. Hitting C-s again moves to the next match and it is spoken as expected. 

I'm not using any elisp hooks to automatically byte compile elisp files once
they are saved. I did use such a technique some years ago, but found it
sometimes caused subtle problems. It also interfered with debugging because
often you don't want byte compiled definitions when you plan to debug them
using a debugger. 


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