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Re: Customize problem

T. V. Raman writes ("Re: Customize problem"):
> If you can run that in an emacs session without emacspeak, it'lll
> help isolate the problem.

When using emacs 22 with speechd-el and thus emacspeak not loaded, I
see the "Save for future session option" and get no backtrace when
automatically byte-compiling or running describe-text-properties on
the [State] Control in the
customize buffer.  I pasted below what I get for
describe-text-properties when it works and the backtrace I get with emacspeak.

Best regards, Lukas

Text content at position 698:

This is an active area of a choice-item (widget)Top.

There is an overlay here:
 From 698 to 705
  button               choice-item (widget)Top
  evaporate            t
  face                 custom-button-unraised
  follow-link          nil
  help-echo            "Change the state of this item."
  keymap               nil
  mouse-face           highlight
  pointer              hand
Debugger entered--Lisp error: (args-out-of-range 32 582)
  count-lines(582 32)
  describe-text-properties-1(675 #<buffer *Help*>)

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