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Playing Music from Dired

Hey, I was wondering, how one could set up dired to play media files
from a directory within emacs and dired.  I tried to set up the alist
variable in dired to point to mplayer itself via the shell deal but
then I can't control mplayer at all.  I also tried to use
emacspeak-media (I think that's what it is) but that is an
imterractive function which expects prompts.  Besides, I kept getting
an error that it canot be found as a shell command and that does make
sense to me.  I'll paste in the contents of this variable below.  Note
that for mp3, I am trying the emacspeak route and for ott files, I
left it set to mplayer.  the mplayer route works but I can't control
mplayer; I can't even stop it.  I have to wait til the song finishes
or kill mplayer from another console.
(setq dired-guess-shell-alist-user
       (list "\\.mp3$" "emacspeak-multimedia")
       (list "\\.ogg$" "mplayer \"*\"")
Should I perhapse use a different variable to do this?  Thanks for any

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