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installing emacspeak on fc7

I have a fresh install of fedora core 7, and wish to run emacspeak.
I ran yum install emacs and got emacs 21.4 installed.
I then ran yum install espeak and got espeak 1.24 installed.
I also installed the fonix dectalk 4.0 synthesis drivers.
Next I ran yum install emacspeak and got emacs-23.0 installed.
When I switch to /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers and run
tclsh dtk-soft, I just get an error.there appears to be an error in the software-dtk code so it won't compile.
Mostly, I wish to use the espeak drivers, but they are not present in this build.
Which build do I need to use?

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