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problems compiling the emacspeak server for ttsynth

Use tcl 8.3 with the makefile that has the tcl8.3 suffix

>>>>> "Don" == Don Raikes <don@draikes.com> writes:
    Don> Hello, I am running oracle enterprise linux 5.0 kernel
    Don> 2.6.18-8, and have been trying to get emacspeak to work
    Don> on it.
    Don> I installed emacs 22.1 from teh gnu.org ftp site, and
    Don> checked out emacspeak from subversion.
    Don> I built emacspeak without a problem, and have gotten it
    Don> to work with espeak as well (thanks to a patch from
    Don> Lukas Loehrer).
    Don> Now I am having problems getting the emacspeak server
    Don> for ttsynth to compile.
    Don> I installed ttsynth last week, and I was able to compile
    Don> the ttsynth_say program with minimal problems and it
    Don> speaks just fine. ttsynth also works with gnome-speech
    Don> without a problem.
    Don> When I try to compile the ttsynth server for emacspeak,
    Don> I get the following error messages: libtool
    Don> --mode=compile g++ -g -O2 -fPIC -DPIC -pedantic -ansi
    Don> -Wall -c atcleci.cpp g++ -g -O2 -fPIC -DPIC -pedantic
    Don> -ansi -Wall -c atcleci.cpp -fPIC -DPIC -o
    Don> .libs/atcleci.o g++ -g -O2 -fPIC -DPIC -pedantic -ansi
    Don> -Wall -c atcleci.cpp -o atcleci.o >/dev/null 2>&1
    Don> libtool --mode=compile g++ -g -O2 -fPIC -DPIC -pedantic
    Don> -ansi -Wall -c langswitch.cpp g++ -g -O2 -fPIC -DPIC
    Don> -pedantic -ansi -Wall -c langswitch.cpp -fPIC -DPIC -o
    Don> .libs/langswitch.o langswitch.cpp: In function 'const
    Don> char* getAnnotation(Tcl_Interp*, int*)':
    Don> langswitch.cpp:172: error: invalid conversion from
    Don> 'const char*' to 'char*' make: *** [langswitch.lo] Error
    Don> 1
    Don> My gcc version is 4.1.1-58 and my tcl version is 8.4.13.
    Don> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

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