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Re: Issues installing and running emacspeak.

hi lukas,
I had posted a thread just a few days back on installing emacspeak with espeak.
I found out that dpkg --reconfigure gives me option to choose for espeak.
I did not notice this when installing emacspeak for the first time
with apt-get install emacspeak.
but for espeak I don't know the port to be given in the configuration
menu when it asks for the port.
like firstly I choose software synthesizer because espeak is not hardware synth.
then I am able to direct the configuration menu to /usr/bin/espeak.
but what is the port?
I think if I give this emacspeak may work with espeak, and that is the
only issue I am facing right now.
secondly, I could make emacspeak but make emacspeak (or make install )
none of them seam to install emacspeak in /usr/bin or what ever.
still I tried doing .emacspeak in the same directory where I compiled
emacspeak.  but even then it does not work.
so after doing make config, make and then make emacspeak, where is the
actual emacspeak binary?
I have searched in all possible places but did not find the emacspeak binary.
by the way I am using two laptops.  on the firstly one which is an ibm
lenovo thinkpad, I am experimenting with apt-get install emacspeak and
trying to figure out the way to make emacspeak talk with espeak.
and the other is an compaq nx7300 where I am doing it by source.
Please provide any information that may help.
On 30/12/2007, Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net> wrote:
> To use emacspeak 27, you will need emacs 22 which is already int the
> Ubuntu repositories.
> To compile and run the speech server for ibmtts, you will need to
> install the following packages:
> tcl8.3-dev
> tclx8.3-dev
> libtool
> build-essential
> libasound-dev
> Then, in the linux-outloud directory, do:
> make -f makefile.tcl83 atcleci.so
> Best regards, Lukas
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