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Re: start emacspeak silently

Thank You for an answer.

> This version is rather old.  Have you considered
> upgrading?  The version
> in debian sid is 26.0-3 and the current svn version
> is 27.

I will do the upgrade and let You know about the

> One way to accomplish this would be turning it on
> from your .emacs file.
> You might have to try doing it from the top as well
> as from the bottom
> of the file.  Don't forget the prefix argument.

I've put the following into my ~/.emacs and it works
(dtk-toggle-quiet t)

Now with the option above I can hear the welcome
message only:
"Press ... to get an overview of ... "

Can I force emacs not to speak this welcome message at
the startup ?

Thank You for help.

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