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New Lisp book in electronic format

I took a quick look, I'd definitely recommend it as a good read.

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> writes:
    Tim> Hi All, just in case anyone out there is interested in
    Tim> common lisp as a programming language (note that it is
    Tim> not the same as emacs lisp, but they are both 'lisps'),
    Tim> there is a new book by Doug Hoyte which Doug is planning
    Tim> to make available electronically. He has put together a
    Tim> text based version and asked on the comp-lang-lisp group
    Tim> if any emacspeak users were interested in trying it out.
    Tim> The URL is
    Tim> http://letoverlambda.com/textmode.cl
    Tim> It looks like an interesting book for anyone interested
    Tim> in more advanced common lisp features, paticularly
    Tim> strong on macros and domain specific languages, closures
    Tim> etc. Its certainly not a beginners book, but if your an
    Tim> intermediate lisp programmer and have read books like
    Tim> Paul Grahame's On Lisp, you will probably finid it very
    Tim> interesting.
    Tim> I contacted Doug to ask if he was going to make the book
    Tim> available electronically and when he found out I was an
    Tim> emacspeak user (he was aware of emacspeak) he
    Tim> immediately made a text version that doesn't use
    Tim> javascript like the other partially on-line version.
    Tim> As his response was so positive and supportive of
    Tim> programmers who rely on assistive technology, I thought
    Tim> I'd let the list know and encourage anyone with an
    Tim> interest along these lines to have a look at it and give
    Tim> him some feedback.
    Tim> regards,
    Tim> Tim
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Best Regards,

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