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Re: Problems with outloud driver

Tyler Spivey writes ("Problems with outloud driver"):
> 2. If I compile atcleci.so, (alsa), the speech is unusable. I can't really describe what it sounds like,
> but I think there are some buffering issues. running the outloud server generates piles of errors, which I will include:
> allocating 64 samples
> output buffered to waveBuffer with size 64

This is way to small a buffer.

>   period_size  : 32

You must somehow increase the period size or at least the buffer the
outloud server uses which I think defaults to the period size. The
outloud server is tuned for a period size of around 256 sampels. If
you use a different period size, you will have to make chages in
several places. The simplest thing is probably to use a .asoundrc file
to force a period size around the expected size. An alternative is to
hard code the chunk size in the atcleci.cpp file. Note that the period
size is in samples and the buffer size is in bytes. For mono, the
buffer size is twice the period size, because each sample takes 2bytes

Best regards, Lukas

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