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Re: espeak question and heads-up

you should always be able to build tclx from source.

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Brannon <cmbrannon@cox.net> writes:
    Chris> "Robert D. Crawford" <rdc1x@comcast.net> writes:
    >> I have a question I've not been able to find an answer to.
    >> When reading through text, both brackets and parenthesis
    >> are spoken as left or right bracket.  If moving point over
    >> the character, it is spoken left or right paren for the
    >> parenthesis and left or right bracket for the brackets.
    Chris> Emacspeak escapes certain special delimiter characters
    Chris> before sending them to the TTS server.  Look at
    Chris> dtk-fix-brackets from the file lisp/dtk-speak.el if
    Chris> you're curious.  The opening and closing square
    Chris> brackets are replaced with "left bracket" and "right
    Chris> bracket".  Unfortunately, these are the names that
    Chris> ESpeak uses for parentheses.  There is a disagreement
    Chris> about how to pronounce punctuation.
    Chris> Here are some proposed solutions.  Can you specify
    Chris> custom pronunciations within ESpeak itself?  If so,
    Chris> then tell it to pronounce ( and ) as "left paren" and
    Chris> "right paren".  If that can't be done right now, then
    Chris> we might consider asking the author of ESpeak for such
    Chris> a feature.  A second possibility is to escape
    Chris> parentheses.  This could be done in one of two places:
    Chris> dtk-fix-brackets, or the "clean" procedure from
    Chris> servers/espeak.
    Chris> PS. I can't really test the ESpeak server these days,
    Chris> as I just switched distributions.  I don't have a
    Chris> usable tclx package.  So I'm back to using the trusty
    Chris> eflite server.  Thanks very much to Mike Gorse, Lukas
    Chris> Loehrer, and anyone else who has worked on eflite.
    Chris> -- Chris
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