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Re: Leveraging Emacspeak-webspace and other goodies

"Zachary Kline" <klinez@onid.orst.edu> writes:

>    I checked Emacspeak documentation on the subject (largely from the
> customization buffer), and found that if I could get the Windows key
> on my PC to emit a certain sequence it would function as a hyper key.
> I'm just not sure how to get that key to do this.  Would I need to
> make some changes in a Linux configuration file somewhere?

If you use X, here is a page that describes the process.  You will need
someone who can read the screen to help you use the tool they mention.  


If you do not use X, there is a console keymap that Dr. Raman uses
located in the emacspeak directory tree.  Perhaps this will lead you in
the right direction.
Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

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