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Re: New to Emacspeak and Emacs

Your version of flite probably uses OSS for audio playback. The
version of OSS in the Linux kernel does not support software mixing,
thus only one process at the time can use the audio device. This is
why while eflite is speaking, the auditory icons cannot be played.

Nowadays, you should try to make all your sound playing applications
use alsa.

Some time a go, I made a patch for flite that allows it to play audio via alsa:


This page also has a precompiled eflite binary for i386 that is
statically linked against a version of flite which already contains
the alsa support patch. It just occured to me that it might be time to
also provide an amd64 version. I can produce one if there is any

Best regards, Lukas

Erik Heil writes ("Re: New to Emacspeak and Emacs "):
> Hi their.
> While I didn't get Espeak to work successfully, I did manage to get eflite
> working just fine.  I can tell that the icons are cook, however, maybe one
> of you an confirm this but apparently, Eflite doesn't support auditory
> icon themes.  Also, it doesn't seem like the Debian package contains the
> stereo versions of the default sound themes.  So where and how would I
> install additional themes?  Thanks for all the help.  its really
> appreciated.

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