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Re: Emacspeak on Ubuntu 8.10: best way to go about it?

Hmm, What I've done so far:

Get emacs snapshot, found out whether it works (it does) and get emacspeak from the website. I've done make config, make emacspeak. All well thus far.

However I don't understand how to set up emacspeak to use, say, the espeak server. I see there is a servers directory and a linux-espeak subdir in it, with a makefile. I've not been able to make that target successfully (am I lacking something?). Installed tclx8.4, tcl8.4 and tcl8.4-dev just in case, but still does not make. I could get a script of the errors, I guess. Haven't been able to see a lits of prerequisites...

Anyway, thanks for any suggestions.


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