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Re: Emacspeak on Ubuntu 8.10: best way to go about it?

Tim Cross writes:
> Once I've built the atcleci.so shared library, I cd to the servers
> directory and run the 'outloud' script. If the shared library has been
> build correctly and everything is correctly installed (including the
> right versions of tcl and extended tcl, then a voice should announce
> that 'this is viavoice using ALSA'. Note that I'm still using tcl/tclx
> 8.3. 
Is it correct that emacspeak software speech won't build over tcl/tclx

This seems to be what's preventing functionality on Fedora today.
Reverting to 8.3 doesn't appear to be a viable option. Fedora hasn't
used 8.3 in over three years, and that was a very different Fedora back

Am I wrong? Is anyone running emacspeak with software speech and 8.4.x
versions of tcl/tclx?


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