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Re: Problems setting up emacspeak with espeak (or eflite)

Jason White writes:
 > Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> wrote:
 > > I do know you can run both 32 bit and 64 bit applications on a 32 bit
 > > system. Might need to play around with getting the crrect library
 > > paths working etc, but it should be possible without too many
 > > problems. There are still many apps only available in 32 bit, so I'd
 > > expect it is a fairly common requirement. 
 > Those are mostly binary-only, proprietary applications that haven't been
 > updated for a long time.

Thats probably true - its been awhile since I checked out the current
status. The last time I did check, there were a few open source
non-proprietary packages that were not available for 64 bit. For
example, at the time, there was only one common lisp package available
in 64 bit and the one I use was not yet available (it is now and has
been for about 12 months I think.). 
 > In an x86_64 environment, you can indeed run x86 (32-bit) code, as long as you
 > have all necessary 32-bit versions of the required libraries instead.
 > I recently deleted the only binary-only program on my system, so I'm now clean
 > in that respect, i.e., I'm not running anything for which I can't get the
 > source.

What are you using for a TTS synth? Espeak? 

Unfortunately, I have to run a few proprietary packages due to work
requirements. This is part of why I've not yet moved to 64 bit - not
that I can't, but rather not having the time (or making the time) to
sort out ta mixed 32 and 64 bit environment. I've been told its not
too difficult, but just now, can't risk being down for any length of time.




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