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Re: Try New Distro - Same Error

Hi David,

I'm guessing here, but I expect that error you are seeing is generated
by the voxim install script?

If that is the case, its because voxim expects to find emacspeak
installed already in the /usr/local tree. This is the default location
that emacspeak is installed into when you do a make install for

Persoanlly, I don't run emacspeak in this location. Essentially, I
don't do the make install step. Instead, I configure emacspeak to run
from a directory under my home directory. 

What I did with voxim is only do the installation of the Viavoice
stuff and don't do the steps within the voxim script to build
emacspeak support. You don't need to do that. 

Instead, once you have got voxim to install viavoice, just cd to the
linux-outloud directory and do a 'make atcleci.so', which will build
the alsa enabled version of the shared library. If your not using alsa
(you probably are), but instaed running OSS sound, do a 'make

Some possibly unwanted advice. Don't jump around with different
distros. The errors you are geting are related to emacspeak and voxim
and you are almost certainly going to get the same errors regardless
of the distro you are using. You were extremely close with the
previous error you had (the one regarding the eci.ini file). I think
your changing distros has only put you back a step. I know this stuff
can be extremely frustrating, but try not to let that cause you to
give up too soon or start tweaking and changing bits here and there
trying to get things working. You will just 'spiral dive' into more
problems and they are likely to get harder to solve as they compound

I clearly remember how frustrating all of this was when I first
started. All of the errors you have reported are fairly common ones
that can't easily be documented with adequate solutions due to the
number of variables involved e.g. distro, distro version, speech
synthesizer, package scripts etc. In fact, to some extent, this latest
error you have run into is due to voxim attempting to make things as
easy as possible to install. In cases where the voxim installation
expectations are the same as the box your trying to configure, it all
goes really well. However, when there are slight differences, things
fall apart badly and its difficult for others to provide help. 

In summary, this is what I would do.

1. Make a directory to keep code obtained from subversion repositories
in your home directory. I just use svn e.g.

cd $HOME
mkdir svn

2. Change to the svn directory e.g

cd svn

3. Get the latest version of emacspeak from googlecode e.g

svn co http://emacspeak.googlecode.com/svn/trunk emacspeak-svn

4. This will create a new directory under svn called emacspeak-svn
Change to that directory e.g.

cd emacspeak-svn

5. Do the following make commands to build emacspeak

make clean
make config
make emacspeak

6. change directory to the linux-outloud directory

cd servers/linux-outloud

7. Do a make to build the shared library. I'm assuming your on ubuntu
Intrepid and using the Makefile I supplied. I'm also assuming you have
installed voxim. 

make atcleci.so

8. cd to the servers directory. It is the parent directory of
linux-outloud, so just do

cd ..

9. In the servers directory, try executing the outloud script e.g.


You should here it speak "ViaVoice using alsa'. If this is correct,
your nearly there. If it doesn't, you will likely see an error
message. It will probably be the one about not being able to load
eng50 or enu50, which indicates that your eciini variable needs to be
set to point to the eci.ini file that is in /var/opt/IBM/ibmtts/cfg
(see earlier mail). Set and export the ECIINI variable and try again. 

10. You now need to tell emacs where to find the emacspeak code. We
will keep things simple to start with. I don't know what the path is
to your home directory, so its a bit more complex to work around
this. Normally it would just be a line like

(load-file "/home/tcross/svn/emacspeak-svn/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el")

but the following should work for you

(load-file (concap (getenv "HOME") "/svn/emacspeak-svn/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el"))

There is some other cool stuff you can do, but we will keep it simple
to start with. Deal with the added value stuff when we have the basics
working. You should now be able to start emacs and have emacspeak
running. Note that there can be some issues with really poor speech
quality. This normally means you need to setup an .asoundrc file. Its
not always needed, but if it is, we will deal with that next. 

David Ring writes:
 > I put the Makefile that Tim Cross supplied and ran  the voxin installer
 > again.
 > Now I get this error:
 > p/voxin-0.19/voxin-enu-0.19/emacspeak
 > ./build.sh: line 66: cd:
 > /usr/share/emacs21/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers/linux-outloud: No such file
 > or directory
 > can't find file to patch at input line 4
 > Perhaps you used the wrong -p or --strip option?
 > The text leading up to this was:
 > --------------------------
 > |diff -ur a/langswitch.cpp b/langswitch.cpp
 > |--- a/langswitch.cpp    2008-12-14 14:00:45.000000000 +0100
 > |+++ b/langswitch.cpp    2008-12-14 14:05:51.000000000 +0100
 > --------------------------
 > File to patch:
 > I guess I need to remove programs that weren't installed correctly?
 > David




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